My Hang Gliding Mates







Bruce landing after a
great cross country flight.
He looks triumphant
so let's get a photo.

Hang on why are you standing
on your base bar?


  Hiding a bent down tube of course!


Bruce is a fun guy to fly with and we have shared several adventures.
Bruce is a keen pilot who helped me survive my learning phase and a touch of "Superman" syndromes.

Once we were both sucked into a huge towering cumulus and experienced extreme turbulence and increasing lift. I had seen the far side about a kilometer away in the shadow map on the ground before entering and decided to kneel on the base bar and head for the other side. I radioed Bruce saying, "I'm getting 2400 up and I'm getting out of here before my glider starts to break up..."
All I heard back from Bruce was ecstatic screaming, "listen to my vario, listen to my vario..." I could indeed hear his vario going ballistic in the background.

I was fortunate and flew out the far side. Bruce tried to slip turn 360s out the bottom and was dumped on the wrong side of a 2600ft range in the middle of a forest, without a scratch despite totaling his glider.



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