Jason and Vanessa's Music Site (site under development...)

For the following services please E-mail CES or phone (07) 55204714

Composition of quality original sound tracks to suit your requirements.
If you require quality original sound tracks in the form of  Wave, MP3, or Midi files we are able to compose these for you. Whether for your web sites, gaming software, film or video productions, we offer quality cost effective service. One company who has used our midi file production service had been held up for weeks waiting upon their own in-house provider. They were surprised to find that we were able to quickly provide original multi layered instrumental compositions (in the form of 30 second midi loops) to suit the themes of their various web site pages and games. Enquire now!

Professional Guitar tutoring.
I have years experience in guitar tuition and am able to help you experience success and enjoyment playing the guitar.

Digital Audio Recording.
We run a small compact digital recording studio focusing on quality sound reproduction.