Small Mural Panels

These panels painted in 1999 will beautify Rere School for many years to come. The project had a very positive effect on student self-esteem, they are an expression of fantastic creative talents.


 Red Bird By Chloe age 5     Kiwi By Nick age 7                                   Bird By Gerald age 7


                     Guitar Player By Tawhi age 5               The Guitar By Noline age 6


Painting By Reece age 6


As with our larger panels students:

  • first sketched from either a real life source as was the case with the guitar paintings or quality photographs as in the case of the bird theme paintings,
  • transferred their sketches photo copying and reduced size onto overhead transparency and then projecting the picture onto their ply panel and outlining it in black Vivid marker,
  • practices blending and mixing their colours before painting on the panel
  • were familiar with the colour wheel and mixing shades and tints prior to painting the panels,
  • were taught a variety of brush work techniques,
  • used quality acrylic paints,
  • worked on their backgrounds first,
  • often reworked areas and built up the layers of colour to make it interesting,
  • worked on ply panels flat before they were mounted.