Computer skills:

Year skill is introduced

Basics and Entry Level








Care of Technological Equipment

Use of the Mouse and basic Keyboard

Opening & closing programmes

Basic Navigation using Icons

Word processing written work

Turning on and Exiting the Computer

Using CD-Roms interactive learning systems
Blasters and living Books etc.

Finding information on CD-Rom encyclopaedias

General Stage 2 Skills -publishing Emphasis

Saving & opening files or work

Changing font and size

Bolding, underling & type setting text

Copying, cutting and pasting work

Type Setting, layout and fixing common Errors

Full finger typing

Spread Sheet and Data Work

Creating tables and spread sheets

Creating categorical graphs from a spread sheet

Using simple cell based Formula and Tools

Creating series graphs from a spread sheet


Using simple drawing package Paint Brush

Using advanced Tools within drawing package

Using Scanner /Digital camera with Photo Shop SE

Using Gif animation Programmes to create animated Gifs








Computer Technology

Setting up a computer and configure printers

Setting up the on screen desk top

Navigating around the operating system using multiple apps. simultaneously

Creating directories to organise saved work and data

Programming in Logo








Web Site publishing








Replacing cards or plug in and play devices









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