Current Situation
I have been happily married for 15 years to Vanessa who is also a registered teacher. We live in Woodridge Brisbane South East Queensland Australia. Vanessa and I have been blessed with three bueatiful children Geoff (5), Jade (3) and Jasmine (1).


Achievements and Experiences

Some would say my greatest achievement is academic, the completing of a
Bachelor of Education and Teaching Diploma, after an unstable home life and leaving school (and home) at age 15 in 1983, with a reading age of about 8. You could say I learnt to read at age 16!
For me just to enter into the field of education involved five years of personal study and night school classes while working full time.

My past experiences have helped me understand and relate to students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

I enjoy new challenges and use my spare time to further extend myself as a person through either study or the completion of a new project or activity.

These tasks have included:

  • The successful organisation and management of two large holiday programmes, involving seventy children daily and ten staff.
  • The painting of the Ahipara School Mural.
  • Building an 8 channel 1000 watt public address system and digital recording studio.
  • In-depth study on Fresh water Aquariums.
  • Gaining my Hang Gliding Advanced Pilots, Tandem and Instructors rating.
  • (This year) Completing my Open Water Dive Course.



Ten years ago I recognised computers and related technologies as having a powerful motivational effect and potential as tools within the learning environment. So I set about learning how to use them effectively as educational tools. In doing so I have gained an in-depth practical knowledge and experience of software, hardware installation, operation and maintenance. I have also become fluent in all areas of computer communications and interactive multimedia classroom applications.               For more Computer information....

Physical Activity and Health

Sport and recreational activities are part of my lifestyle and I
have enjoyed a variety of sports always looking for new challenges.

My pursuits over the years have included:

  • Cross country running.
  • Abseiling and canoeing.
  • 15 years of surfing.
  • Attaining 30 seconds off scratch
    placing in cycling (road racing).
  • Tramping and camping.
  • Hours of training in the pool developing a competitive free style pace.
  • In 1992 I took up rollerblading and the following Christmas came third in the National Roller Blade Championships on 12 ft vert ramp.


Currently I am involved in:

  • surfing and diving,
  • hang gliding (solo, tandem and instructing),
  • while maintaining a daily fitness work-out.

Maintaining a high level of fitness and a commitment to a healthy life style enables me to handle high pressure and workload without becoming stressed.

I also love collecting Gemstones and sharing them and my knowledge in this area with students.

Agate from North Queensland and a lovely thunder egg from one of my secret spots.


Throughout a very busy life playing the guitar, saxophone and singing have provided relaxation and enjoyment. Vanessa, who plays key board, and I can often be found song writing and practicing music together.

Church Involvement

For three years I was the President of  the Auckland College of Education Christian Fellowship. During this time the interdenominational group grew from about 15 people to well over 100. With 50 to 120 attending weekly meetings on the campus. The group in addition to monthly campus concerts, organised many social events and practical services that were offered to all students.

For two terms I also headed up a large Sunday school within a community orientated church. This involved up to 100 children and 10 teachers.
Within these roles my leadership, organisational and people skills were further developed.


Work Experience outside of School

I feel my 6 years work experience prior to teaching have contributed to my development and what I have to offer as an educator. The wide range of jobs I have done have taught me how to work hard and successfully with other people.  
The experiences have also provided an understanding of the skills that employment will require from students and has helped me to link academic activity within the class room to the real world.

Prior to teaching I have worked as a:

  • Store man.
  • Cook and Waiter in a small restaurant.
  • Manager of a music shop.
  • Management Cadet promoted to Work Study Engineer in a large shoe factory -doing costings and scientific leather measurement, factory layouts, production improvement, quality control and time study.
  • I have also worked for National Mutual- firstly in charge of Mortgages and Investments for Northern Region administration and finally as a sales office administrator -a sole charge position managing the computer work and administration for 30 insurance agents.
  • While teaching I have also worked as:
  • A tutor and facilitator of "practical skills" based computer courses for teachers and principals (organised by an Education Centre).
  • An Advanced Reading Skills Tutor facilitating courses in business houses and high schools.
  • A guitar tutor at St Kentigens and privately.
  • A swimming coach at the local pool.
  • Computer technician assembling and fixing hardware, configuring various operating systems and software and tutoring.


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