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 Information and Communication Technology

All students have been introduced to many new computer skills while carrying out word processing, using computer drawing tools, CD ROM and Internet information searches, Logo programming, interactive fiction and problem solving programmes, scanning and digital photography.

This learning opportunity began in 99 through the implementation of the first stage of an I.C.T. plan that I put together for the school upon arrival. During the 98/99 break a network of 9 machines and supporting technologies was set up. This work was done by myself and (including the computers that belong personally to Vanessa and I) effectively increased the ratio of computers to students from 1:56 to 1:3. This addition to the school's resources has been used as a powerful learning tool and given pupils access to the future.
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All classes have taken part in health programmes and activities that are focused on building self-esteem and recognising the individual differences in others.
Following on from this within the senior room Keeping Ourselves Safe issues regarding bullying and dealing with conflict have been covered. This has been supported by the implementation of a School wide Behavioural Programme that involved community consultation.

Both parents and teachers have commented on the positive changes they have seen in student interrelations.


Music programmes have been developed and performance standards raised. Students are now able to perform many songs playing guitar, marimba, glockenspiel, recorder, percussion and singing.
Such programmes require considerable resources and I have collected my own set of 15 guitars. Last year my senior students helped me build four large six foot long marimbas. Three students at a time play each Marimba playing two or three part harmonies.


The Rere School Band is now in full swing, with 8 to 10 students on guitar, 12 on Marimba, 5 to 10 on recorders, several on percussion and all singing out with good pitch. The students have worked very hard, often continuing within their own break times to practice music conventions and learn tunes on multiple instruments. They are now able to perform confidently at cultural and social gatherings.

Currently we are working towards an inter-school performance and a street performance to raise money for our school trip to Auckland at the end of this year.
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Drama & Dance

We have also introduced Dance and Drama into classroom programmes and students have shown a fantastic improvement in confidence and self-esteem. Drama and Dance often draws out the quiet ones and parents were initially very surprised to see the radical positive changes in their student's ability to jump up front and perform.

Sport and Fitness

As a classroom teacher within fitness I like to lead by example and run, skip or train with the students. I also like to introduce personal challenge and the idea of progress being just as important as attainment.

This has had a powerful effect upon fitness levels, especially students who normally do not participate. When the teacher runs with you over a challenging cross country course giving encouragement, the whole activity takes on a new meaning. Last year after two terms the senior students were running a very hilly 1.2 km course every second day and doing 40 to 100 sit-ups, press-ups and dips on the days in between. Students saw their progress and became passionate about fitness for life.

With regard to sporting skill acquisition I believe in the importance of expertise and I have worked hard to develop and maintain my skill in many area.
For example I have experience as a professional swimming coach and ensure all our students receive a training programme equivalent to that of any swim school. Students are so motivated these training sessions during our 6 week swimming programme are attended daily by most students even though the sessions are run during their own lunch breaks.

Art Education

We have focused on particular skills and technique acquisition and have given students the opportunity to experience success. The resulting work speaks for itself.
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