As a successful Principal and yet someone who could barely read when he left school at fifteen, I value academic or artistic abilities, technology or sporting skills. However, when determining educational success I believe the individual learner and how they feel about themselves and their world view should be our focal point.

Accordingly my goal is to see students realise their potential and experience success. I want to see pupils passionate about learning and realising how special they are!

Throughout this resume you have hopefully seen evidence of an actualisation of these goals. Evidence of effective teaching practice, problem-solving skills, team leading and motivational abilities. Attributes that are required by an experienced practitioner and educational leader. I also have the ability to grow and adapt within positions and always endeavour to set new standards and make a difference in my corner of the world.

At the end of 2000 I felt my personal and professional goals as Principal of Rere School were near complete and my family and I moved to the Gold Coast Area in South East Queensland.
After a year of settling in, self development and part time work within Queensland Education I am now looking forward to my new challenging position as Principal of St. Helens State School.

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Education carries with it humbling and
important responsibilities, for the future
of the individuals within each of our
classes and school.

Your Sincerely

Jason Caldwell B.Ed. Dip.Tch
Principal of St. Helens State School..

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