Art and Murals Projects

Here you will see some of our exciting mural and art projects.
If your school or educational facility is within the SE Queensland area we are able to come to you and provide Specialised Art Workshops for Students or Staff.

To discuss a possible programme Email: Jason Caldwell
or phone: (07)

If you are unable to host or attend one of our programmes please make use of the information and ideas set out within this site. It has given me great pleasure over the years to give assistance to teachers needing inspiration or who struggle with Art Education. I have found that there are definitely projects that work and guidelines to follow that allow success in this area.

This is one of the reasons for setting up this site. So you may treat it as a gallery, teachers resource or both. View Murals section below and Art projects on page 2...


The Rere School Mural

(1200x2400) painted by a group of thirty five 8 to 12 year old students during 1999.

To view detail and a step by step report on this project follow this link.


Click on the picture to see a full screen shot.

The Ahipara School Mural

The Ahipara School Mural (4800x2400) was painted by a group of over sixty students during a two week art intensive following a children's holiday programme during 1993. This is a very large and exciting Mural that reflects local landscape and wildlife. Imagine such a project enhancing your school environment.  
For more information and view detail follow this link.

                        Red Bird By Chloe age 5               Painting By Reece age 6

To view some small mural panels our students have painted follow this link.


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