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Kariotahi (Auckland) looking south,

      Kariotahi looking north,

This is a great coastal ridge soaring site. A great place to learn. My sixth flight was here, I flew up and down this coast exploring for over 6 hours. It was nearly dark when I forced myself back to land with the last of my strength.


The higher you go the better the view...

This fact leads pilots inland to hills and mountains to hunt thermals, cores of rising warm air that have the potential to carry you upwards at 3000ft per minute. That is, approximately 60 kms per hour in a vertical direction. I have flown up to 11,000 ft and across straight line distances of up to 101kms.

This picture shows the views around Omarama in the South Island of New Zealand. Take off at Magic Mountain is at 5600 ft and flying is extreme.
Here I have experienced thermals that peaked at 3600ft per minute (as high as my instruments will measure). The strong turbulence is exciting and the occasional involuntary inverted dives are wild. I once I free fell for 500 ft, my glider pitched.

Pilots often take off at a lower take off when the winds are around 40 knots at the top. As this wind has just come over the Alps you can ride Wave Lift below lenticular clouds  -until about 9500ft when things start to go up and backwards a little too quickly. On one occasion I had to kneel on the base bar for half an hour to try and get back down below 7500 ft.

I will also never forget sharing a thermal at 9500ft with migrating geese or flying over one hundred kilometers straight line distance. An exciting five hour flight and as one hundred Km + flights are rare in New Zealand, as a new pilot I consider myself fortunate.

My wife Vanessa and I have a Tandem wing and enjoy flying together.
To share flight with someone special is fantastic.

To see how I learnt how to fly click here...

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Flying is a gift from God!  

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